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Most of our patients have previously failed antibiotic protocols and require far more comprehensive approaches to get better. If you only give antibiotics to treat the infections, you might be able to succeed in killing the infections. However, you could still suffer from fatigue, pains, memory loss or all the other symptoms related to these infections since body's systems may not be able to recover to its healthy state without additional intervention. Also in our experience co-infections are often present and need to be addressed also.

We often see a condition in the chronic cases (people who have suffered a long time) that can be defined as MSIDS (Multi-Infectious Disease Syndrome, a term coined by Dr. Richard Horowitz). Chronic infections can cause wide range of damage to our body and immune system resulting in inflammation in joints, muscles and other tissues, hormonal changes (from thyroid problems to sex-hormones), food intolerance's, damage to gut, energy system, nerves and autonomic nervous system, sleep disorders etc.

It is beneficial to correct body's systems - we have even seen patients with clinical and laboratory diagnoses recover with just the preparatory changes prior to even starting the actual treatment for infections. Your own immune system plays a critical role in achieving a lasting recovery.


Best results are achieved if you are motivated - we have a very high success rate BUT it requires hard work and changes in your life.

The role of co-infections may be much more prevalent than currently understood. We work with a University research team trying to bring better and more cost effective diagnostics into the market. 

Therapy concept

1. Anti-infectious treatment

  • herbal antibiotics and antivirotics
  • vitamin / glutathione replacement therapy by infusion and/or orally


2. Supporting treatments

  • treatment of pain
  • increase the efficacy of antibiotics (synthetic or herbal)
  • treatment of digestive system – better tolerance of antibiotics and boost of patient’s own immunity
  • minimise the side effects from antibiotic treatment and moderate herxheimer reactions
  • treatment of inflammation in the tissues
  • reduce proinflammatory cytokines
  • regulate and balance TH1/TH2 system
  • right diet for each patient to support recovery and immunity
  • treatment of possible sleeping disorders
  • restore hormonal balance
  • restore emotional balance and recover cognitive function
  • support and restore detoxification capabilities
  • tools for better stress management
  • advice on how to avoid excessive exposure to environmental toxins and heavy metals


Consultations will be conducted in English. If you wish to communicate in some other language, please provide your own interpreter. Also inform us about this when you are booking for a consultation as the communication through an interpreter will double the time needed for each consultation.

If you want to cancel your booked consultation/stay, please let as know as soon as possible so we can arrange another patient for the appointment time - we are usually fully booked.

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