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We treat chronic tickborne illnesses.

The Astris clinic is a medical center specialized in the treatment of tickborne and other chronic infectious diseases. We also address the damage and changes
done by the infections.


Most of our patients have failed antibiotic protocols and require far more comprehensive approaches to get better.  











Constant Evolution

We're constantly seeking more knowledge for your benefit. We work with a university research team and we have an extensive network of international professionals.



News and Events

Belgium 12-13.9

Posted 24/6/2015

Our MD Marjo Valonen was invited to give a presentation at Lyme Conference 2015 along with many internationally renowned speakers. More info at

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Austria conference

Posted 20/4/2015

Our M.D. Marjo Valonen is speaking in Klagenfurt, Austria about case examples and treatment protocols.

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A Study with University

Posted 13/4/2015

We're collecting samples for a study with University of Jyväskylä regarding the transmission of Borrelia. We also collect samples for their Biobank, a first of its kind in the region.

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Personalized and layered treatment plan

No patient is exactly alike - the treatment must evolve with the progress of the patient. We employ state of the art laboratory tests to assist in tuning the personalized treatment plan.