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We treat chronic tickborne illnesses.

The Astris clinic is a medical center specialized in the treatment of tickborne and other chronic infectious diseases. We also address the damage and changes
done by the infections.


Most of our patients have failed antibiotic protocols and require far more comprehensive approaches to get better.  











Constant Evolution

We're constantly seeking more knowledge for your benefit. We work with a university research team and we have an extensive network of international professionals.



News and Events

Gut and Allergy Training 1.9.2016

Posted 1/9/2016

(professionals only) How do you diagnose and treat other systems in the body that are often causing problems in chronically ill patients? Training concentrates on the practical aspects of normalizing the microbiota and healing gut problems.

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ILADS Helsinki 10-11.6.2016

Posted 28/4/2016

We're excited to have the 6th Annual European ILADS meeting in Finland. Our MD Marjo Valonen is a speaker for the advanced track, more information here.

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AONM London 15.5.2016

Posted 28/4/2016

Marjo Valonen is speaking in London about patient cases and protocols. Click for conference intro.

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Personalized and layered treatment plan

No patient is exactly alike - the treatment must evolve with the progress of the patient. We employ state of the art laboratory tests to assist in tuning the personalized treatment plan.