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We treat chronic illnesses.

The Astris clinic is a medical center specialized in the treatment of tickborne and other chronic infectious diseases. We also address the damage and changes
done by the infections.


Most of our patients have failed antibiotic protocols and require far more comprehensive approaches to get better. Common symptoms for our patients are extreme fatigue including CFS / ME (almost everyone), neurological problems up to paralysis, brainfog, pain, inflammation ...









Constant Evolution

We're constantly seeking more knowledge for your benefit. We work with a university research team and we have an extensive network of international professionals.










Personalized and layered treatment plan

No patient is exactly alike - the treatment must evolve with the progress of the patient. We employ state of the art laboratory tests to assist in tuning the personalized treatment plan. 










Results count

Our protocols are designed and tuned for results. Our patients come from over Europe and Finland since we almost always achieve significant progress no matter how serious the condition, even is cases where other treatments have failed. 


Treatment protocol »

Training (by us and where we speak)

2.6.2018 Dublin
Infectious diseases (more to come)
Prof. Jack Lambert, Marjo Valonen, MD jne.

3.3.2018 Helsinki (Salus)
Heavy Metal Detox

2 - 4.11.2017 Orlando (ACIM)
Conquering Chronic Diseases
Many speakers including Mercola, MD, Marjo Valonen, MD...

7.10.2017 Stockholm (Swedish Borreliosis Society)
Borreliosis and Coinfections
Lee Cowden, USA (Skype), Marjo Valonen, Sanna Peiponen 

16.9.2017 Helsinki Allergiatalo
Borreliosis and Coinfections, Treatments, Diagnostics, Case Studies

Lee Cowden, USA (Skype), Marjo Valonen, Armin Schwarzbach (Saksa), Sanna Peiponen 

9 - 10.9.2017 Antwerpen
International Conference on Chronic Pathologies
Joe Burrascano, Jack Lambert, Marjo Valonen ...

16.6.2017 Helsinki (Salus)
Chronic Infections and Autoimmune Disease
Second part of training for professionals.

19 - 20.5.2017 Paris
ILADS 7th European Lyme Disease Conference
Richard Horowitz, Raphael Stricker, Judith Miklossy, Marjo Valonen

22.4.2017 Warsaw
L.Cowden, M.Valonen, A.Schwarzbach, M.Cubala-Kucharska, B.De Rijdt

8.4.2017 Helsinki (Salus)
Gut and Immunity

2.2.2017 Helsinki
Gut and Allergy - training for therapists and medical professionals
M.Valonen, S.Peiponen

26.1.2017 Helsinki
Adrenal problems and solutions - Gut and Allergy - training for therapists and medical professionals
M.Valonen, S.Peiponen

15.12.2016 klo.15-17 Webinar (35€)
Case examples for Gut and Allergy
M.Valonen, MSc. S.Peiponen

21.10.2016 Helsinki
Science-based Optimization of Health and Performance in Athletes
Tri Pol de Saedeleer ..


1.9.2016 Helsinki
Gut and Allergytraining for therapists
M.Valonen, MD, S.Peiponen

10-11.6.2016 Helsinki
6th European Lyme Disease Conference 
ILADS: D.Horowitz, S.Shor, C.Green, S.Phillips, L.Gilberts, M.Valonen ...

15.5.2016 London
The Academy of Nutritional Medicine
A.McDonald, M.Hooper, J.Jemsek, A.Schwarzbach, J.Mikovits, M.Valonen